Luda Sofi - Best of Vol. 1: 4-disc Blu-Ray set



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Ultra-HQ HD
Luda Sofi - Best of Vol. 1: 4-disc Blu-Ray set:

NEW HD RELEASE! Shot on ULTRA-HQ professional HD Cameras and lenses for the best picture quality.

Get this 4-disc Blu-Ray set for $150 off the price of individual discs!  Luda Sofi has been one of our most popular nudist participants over the years, and it's time a Blu-Ray set was offered that's dedicated to her! Not only is she a customer favorite, but she's always been a joy to be around, for us and for our other nudist friends. She's brought energy, positivity, and happiness to every Candid-HD movie she's participated in.

This first Volume of the 'Luda Sofi - Best Of' series features the following 4 popular movies:

1. Luda, Luda, Luda, Luda! Part 2- This was a very joyous celebration in the Sauna, near Crimea's largest nudist beach, with our four Ludas.

2. Luda's Birthday Party - 2D- This first film dedicated to Luda Sofi celebrated her birthday party, at the family dacha in Crimea.

3. Perfect Playing in Paradise 2- Luda participated in this large group, with yoga and games on the beach, and funny playing on the water trampoline.

4. Sveta's Birthday Celebration II- Luda joined Sveta, and a large group of nudists, at the summer dacha. They celebrated her birthday with games, singing and dancing, and wet fun on this hot summer day.

FREE BONUS: With the purchase of this BD set, you'll receive a FREE high-resolution still photoset featuring 183 ultra high-res still photos of Luda Sofi, shot on a professional DSLR. This 605MB file set will be sent to you electronically after your purchase.

Fun was had by all in every movie, and the HD image is excellent. Note - all images shown are unretouched frame captures from the video (reduced in resolution), not photographs! More screenshots and trailers of this movie are available on our site.

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Format: 4 Blu-Ray discs
Resolution: 1920x1080
Running Time: approx. 260 minutes
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