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Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Payments:
Bitcoin Accepted Here

We accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin) payments for your convenience and privacy. Memberships purchased using Bitcoin are not auto-renewing. After your order is submitted, you will receive a link along with a QR code you can scan for payment. The invoice total in USD will be converted to the amount due in Bitcoin (or your selected cryptocurrency). Payment must be completed within 2 hours, and we'll e-mail you confirmation as soon as we receive your payment. Please send your Bitcoin/cryptocurrency payment to the address provided with the QR code.

See Full Information for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Payments.


Secure Credit Card Payments:

Secure SSL Site


We accept VISA/MasterCard/Discover payments via our secure server. Gift cards/prepaid cards/virtual credit cards (Entropay, etc.) are not accepted for purchases. For recurring membership payment, your credit card expiration date must be at least 5 months after the date of membership purchase. (Example - purchase a monthly membership on January 1st, the credit card expiration date must be June 1st or later.)

Your data is encrypted for your protection, and your credit card information is never shared with any 3rd party.

Credit card orders placed on are secure.

Check out the great positive reviews we've received on from customers who purchased our films there.

Purchases of Digital Streaming Content:

After you have added the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart, click Checkout to complete your order. There, you will need to create an account on our site, if you do not already have one. This is so you can have a record of your order and log in again to see it, and to retry in the event of an interrupted download.

Once your account has been created, verify the details of your order and confirm your purchase.

After your payment is processed, you will receive an e-mail with your Username and Password to access the streaming Member's Area.. You can access the Member's Area content immediately, and if you ever forget your password / username, this information has been appended to the notes on your order. You can see it by logging into My Account at any time.

Why SSL is essential for peace of mind?
We make it our mission to provide you with a positive customer experience and we want you to be confident that you can order from us safely and securely. With this in mind we've secured our online payment area so that your valuable data, such as credit card details, are protected from prying eyes.

In order to achieve this we went to Comodo, the world-renowned Certification Authority, to obtain an SSL Certificate. Comodo are the second largest Certification Authority in the world and are Web Trust compliant, meaning that their business practices and processes have been rigorously audited to AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) guidelines by an independent approved auditor (KPMG).

To qualify to receive our SSL Certificate from Comodo we had to validate ourselves with them, in order to satisfy them that we are a legitimate business. We had to prove not only that we own this web domain, but also that we are a legally accountable company. We believe that only by seeking this level of validation can you have peace of mind when buying online.

You can even prove validity of SSL Certificates for yourself by downloading the free Verification Engine from Comodo. This software allows you to verify the authenticity of an SSL Certificate outside of your web browser, where no fake or fraudulent website can affect the result.

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer, SSL, is the standard security technology for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between our web server and your browser remains private and secure. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers. In order to be able to generate an SSL link (signified by the gold padlock in the information tool bar), a web server requires an SSL Certificate.

Why is SSL important?

Since the SSL protocol was released by Netscape as a security technology in 1996 we have all been educated to look for the SSL padlock before passing any critical details over the Internet. Technically, the SSL protocol provides an encrypted link between two parties, however to you the consumer, seeing the SSL padlock in your browser means much more:

  • That you have a secure (encrypted) link with this website.
  • That this website is a valid and legitimate organization or an accountable legal entity.

As well as ensuring that your details remain secure during a transaction, we know that you also care whether the website you are dealing with is legitimate. In order to solve the critical issue of identity assurance as well as information security on the Internet, the efforts of SSL Providers (Certification Authorities), consumer magazines and industry bodies have rightly resulted in the SSL padlock becoming synonymous with trust and integrity.


Free shipping for digital goods:

Digital goods like Streaming HD Memberships do not require shipping and therefore do not incur a shipping charge.

Low flat-rate shipping for physical goods ($4.99 Worldwide):

All orders for physical goods (like DVDs or Blu-Ray discs) are shipped in a plain-marked envelope, via the method described below. The shipping charge is only $4.99 flat-rate per order, for as many items as you like. Faster shipping methods like overnight, 2nd day air, etc., are currently unavailable.

Important Shipping Information for all physical goods (DVD and Blu-Ray) orders:

Orders within the USA
Orders within the USA are shipped from our distribution center in Los Angeles, California, USA. Shipping to US customers is via UPS ground or USPS 1st class, depending on what is most efficient for each order. If your order ships via UPS, tracking information will be provided to you as soon as your order ships out. Please provide a PHYSICAL STREET ADDRESS (no PO Boxes) for UPS shipping, as they are unable to ship to PO Boxes. We are unable to ship physical goods orders to Florida shipping addresses.

Orders outside the USA
Non-USA orders are shipped via insured first-class postal airmail from our either our distribution center in Ukraine, or from the USA, depending on which is the most efficient for your location. Approximate shipping times are as follows:

Europe: approx. 3-10 days

Other North America: approx. 3-9 days

Asia / Australia: approx. 10-14 days

Faster shipping methods are currently unavailable.

We take every precaution to make sure your DVD or Blu-Ray disc arrives intact and in the best playable condition. Every order is protected against accidental shipping damage with our plastic DVD holders.


We pledge to you that your order privacy is of paramount importance to us. Be assured that:
We will never send you any unauthorized deliveries or material to your shipping address.
All information passed and stored in our system is highly encrypted for your security.
We will never share or sell any contact information submitted to our website.
All data is held to the highest levels of confidentiality.


Returns or refunds will not be issued in the case of videos that do not play properly on a computer system that does not meet our minimum system requirements.

In the event of a defective movie disc due to damage or corrupt storage media, the disc may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a replacement of the same title. No refund will be given.


E-mail us if you have any problems: contact us via our Contact Page

We encourage you to contact us first for any problems with your purchase. We will do everything possible to help resolve any problems, to see that you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

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