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Castle 3 - Blu-Ray disc:

NEW HD RELEASE! Shot on professional 3CCD HD Cameras for the best picture quality.

It's the 3rd installment in one of our most popular series of HD naturist movies! Join a large group of nudists of all ages, as they explore an ancient 13th century castle. The castle is an historic landmark, and sits atop mountains overlooking the Black Sea. In this exclusive video, the entire castle grounds are opened just for our nudist group and camera crew. This is the 3rd time ever the castle has been opened exclusively for a nudist group filming! (The first two times were also for our groups.) The nudists explore the ancient castle grounds and admire the wonderful sea view, but this movie's highlight must be their light-hearted 'battle' near the old cannons! Our group is even allowed access to try the authentic period throne and crown.

The HD image is excellent, highlighted by the beautiful setting. It's one of our most outstanding new titles this season, and not to be missed for the nudist enthusiast. Note - all images shown are unretouched frame captures from the video (reduced in resolution), not photographs! More screenshots and trailers of this movie are available on our site.

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Format: Blu-Ray disc
Resolution: 1920x1080
Running Time: approx. 89 minutes
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