3D Nudist Adventure - 2D/3D Blu-Ray 2-disc Combo



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3D Nudist Adventure - 2D/3D Blu-Ray 2-disc Combo Pack:

NEW HD RELEASE! Shot on professional 3CCD HD Cameras for the best picture quality.

Special 2-disc combo set for the price of one! Set includes both the 2D Blu-Ray and 3D side-by-side Blu-Ray versions of this movie. The 2D version of this movie is only available in this special combo package! Enjoy the 2D version now, and the 3D version when you upgrade to a 3DTV.

Join this large group of nudists for an adventure in the world's first 3D Naturist Movie! This group of energetic and fun nudists goes hiking in a beautiful hillside forest. Then everyone stops at a scenic clearing for some yoga and morning exercises, followed by many fun and funny games. It's all captured in Full-HD 3D, 1920x1080 resolution for each eye, for an incredible 'you-are-there' 3D experience! The energetic nudists, beautiful natural setting, and amazing Full-HD 3D image make this movie a must-see for naturism enthusiasts.

This movie is in side-by-side 3D format on 1920x1080 Blu-Ray disc, and it is viewable on most 3DTVs using a standard (non-3D) Blu-Ray player or Blu-Ray equipped PC. It is not a Blu-Ray 3D disc. You may need to press the '3D' button on your TV's remote to engage side-by-side 3D mode.

Important System Requirements for 3D movie and clip playback - please read before purchasing.

3D Blu-Ray 'Future-Proof Guarantee': Purchase any movie in side-by-side 3D on Blu-Ray format now, and you will receive a coupon for $70.00 off the same title in Blu-Ray 3D format when it becomes available. The coupon is valid for two years! This way, you can enjoy our great HD Naturist Films in side-by-side 3D right now, and when they become available on Blu-Ray 3D in the future, you can receive the same movie on Blu-Ray 3D for a very nominal cost.

Note - all images shown are unretouched frame captures from the video (reduced in resolution), not photographs! More screenshots and trailers of this movie are available on our site.

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Format: Blu-Ray disc
Resolution: 1920x1080
Running Time: approx. 68 minutes
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