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HD Streaming Membership - BITCOIN/CRYPTO - 3 Months:

Join the Private Member's Area - Our #1 Seller!

New! Pay using Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency and save big! We're happy to introduce the latest improvement to our Member's Area: HD Streaming Full Movies! All Member's Area movies are now available for immediate VOD streaming playback in HD, as well as in lower resolution for low-bandwidth connections. Best of all, every streaming movie is playable on multiple platforms: Macs, Windows PCs (all versions from XP thru Windows 10), and Android (4.3+) mobile devices! Streaming movies are encoded directly from the pristine HD masters. By utilizing the latest H.264 2-pass variable bit rate encoding, the video quality is greatly improved over WMV. Plus, now you can play on Macs and mobile devices, not just on Windows PCs! How-to: playing the new H.264 Streaming Movies

Benefits of the new Streaming HD Movies:
Watch FULL movies (not just selected clips from each movie) on demand, anytime, on any device (Internet connection required, device must use Google Chrome for playback - iOS not yet supported)

No license to download, no player to install

No waiting to download clips, and content doesn't use space on your hard drive

Our HD Streaming Movies play directly in your browser - Google Chrome required (get the latest version HERE)

Streaming movies are served from multiple data centers around the world - your videos come from the server closest to you, for maximum speed

Still ultra-high quality video, as we have always provided

EXCLUSIVE MEMBER BONUS: RARE, OUT-OF-PRINT MOVIES! As a special bonus for our Members, we're including some movies in the Member's Area that you can't find anywhere else! These rare, out-of-print movies have either sold out or been discontinued, but they're available exclusively to our Members for instant HD streaming.


Enjoy many hours of HD documentary videos on our Subscription Site, with HD movie streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for one low price. NEW STREAMING MOVIES ADDED - UPDATE 2021: More than 115 new HD Streaming Movies have been added to the Member's Area, including NEW 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, AND 2021 SEASON Movies encoded in H.264 at 1080p, new 3D Nudist Movies, Ultra-HQ HD 50Mbps Movies, and previous movies upgraded to 1080p. Member's area movies are provided in rotation, selected from: Membership Area Movie List: CLICK HERE

Playable on Windows, Mac, and Android and more!
It's the most significant upgrade we've ever made: the new Streaming H.264 full movies let non-PC users view content! The new streaming movies are encoded using Google Widevine technology, for cross-platform playback. Now, you can play our movies on your Windows PC (XP thru Windows 10), Mac, or Android (4.3+) device, and watch in great H.264 full-HD quality. Plus, licenses no longer need to be downloaded, and a separate player is also not needed.


Multi-platform instant HD streaming:
Clips play on any connected device (Windows, Mac, Android) that supports Chrome/Firefox with Google Widevine technology - see a list of all platforms that support Google Modular Widevine

Firefox and Google Chrome support playback of our content

  Our streaming movies also use PlayReady, which is compatible with Roku, Google TV, and Amazon Fire TV set top boxes, as well as on select Smart TVs

Our site uses the same proven HD streaming technology as media giants like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO

  The future for high-resolution premium VOD content is HTML5 MPEG-DASH streaming, and that's why we have chosen to provide all our digital content in this format

Great video quality for any connection:
All Member's Area movies have been re-mastered from the pristine HD source for unrivaled, crystal clear HD image quality. Nowhere else will you find such a great variety of super-high quality HD naturist movies!  We offer every streaming movie in at least two versions, for optimum playback on any Internet connection:

--Low bitrate @2Mbps, which will play smoothly on slow Internet connections. But the quality is still great, with better-than-DVD resolution of streaming

--High bitrate @5-6Mbps, full HD 1920x1080 resolution. The HD quality is excellent, and the video can be viewed either windowed or full-screen. Playback requires a high-speed Internet connection, capable of sustained transfer of at least 6Mpbs.

We spent a great deal of time and effort utilizing the latest 2-pass encoding technology to deliver great-looking HD streaming video, even at bitrates of 5-6Mbps.  For those with a super-high-speed Internet connection, we've added this for select movies:

--Ultra-High bitrate @9Mbps, full HD 1920x1080 resolution. On select movies, we're offering an 'Ultra-high bitrate' HD stream at 9Mbps. The quality is of course excellent, however for this to play smoothly you must have a very fast Internet connection. (And it's best to not simultaneously use bandwidth-hogging applications like YouTube, Skype, Viber, torrent, etc.) Most connections we have tested around the world do not support this bitrate, and this will result in pausing during playback.

Bitcoin accepted herePay using Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency, and Save Big!
Now you can enjoy big savings by joining our Private Member's Area and paying with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin!
2-month Bitcoin Membership
3-month Bitcoin Membership
6-month Bitcoin Membership

Bitcoin accepted hereBreakdown of your Savings with Bitcoin/Crypto:
1-Month Trial Bitcoin Membership
$49.99 (price with credit card is $69.99 - a 28% savings)
2-Month Bitcoin Membership (non-renewing):
$49.99 (price with credit card is $36.99 x 2 = $73.98 - a 32% savings)
3-Month Bitcoin Membership (non-renewing):
$59.99 (price with credit card is $74.99 - a 20% savings)
6-Month Bitcoin Membership (non-renewing):
$89.99 (price with credit card is $119.99 - a 25% savings - that's only $14.99/month!)

Get It All, for One Low Price
With a Membership to our Subscription Site, you can choose from many movies for streaming. The Subscription Site features the best movies from our HD Nudist Video collection, including new professionally-produced 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Nudist Feature Movies. New videos are added to the site monthly.

Full Access to all our Member's Area Movies

Members enjoy full streaming access to all the movies in our private Member's Area, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no additional fees - pay one low monthly fee and watch all the HD Movies you like.

1000 ClipsOver 80 full-length streaming HD movie titles - that's equal to over 1000 clips!
Our Member's Area offers over 80 full-length HD streaming movies for you to watch, available now to play immediately. That's the equivalent of over 1,000 5-minute clips! (Previously, the Member's Area guaranteed the availability of only 300 5-minute clips for playback.) New and different movies are rotated into the site every month. 
MORE INFO: How to play the new H.264 Streaming Movies


HD Movie Rotation
To keep content fresh and interesting for our valued members, we're providing HD nudist movie rotation. Each month, HD movie series will be offered in rotation, with different movies rotated into and out of the Member's Area each month. This will help keep content new and fresh for our valued members. And, by keeping your membership active, you'll be able to watch a large library of the best HD Nudist Videos in the world! Important note: Member's Area movies are provided in rotation, selected from among the list of movies listed below, but it is NOT guaranteed that all movie series shown here will be available for streaming from the Member's Area at any one time. Keeping your membership active every month will enable watching a large and varied library of movie titles. New titles and different movie series are rotated into the Member's Area for streaming every month. See the Terms of Use of the Member's Area for more information.

Membership Renewal

Our Bitcoin Memberships are not auto-renewing. At the end of your Membership term, you have the option to renew your membership at a reduced price, and receive a FREE movie on Blu-Ray for renewing!

NEW FREE BONUS FOR OUR MEMBERS - High-Resolution HD Photo Paks!
FREE HD Nudist Photo Samples from the Member's Site
As a special Bonus and 'Thank You' to our valued Members, we have added a great new feature at no additional charge to our Member's Area - high resolution HD nudist photos!

Please read the Terms Of Service for using the Member's Area, with information about Membership renewal/cancellation (applies to credit card purchases only), and bandwidth usage, before purchasing a Membership to the site. The latest version of Chrome may not display streaming content properly - we provide links in the Member's Area to versions of both Chrome and Firefox that play our streaming content perfectly. For more info, read the Streaming movie instructions page.

All the new H.264 streaming movies utilize Google Widevine technology and will play on Mac computers (iOS not yet supported).

After completing checkout using the Bitcoin option, your membership order status will be 'Pending.' The order is completed once we receive your Bitcoin payment through the blockchain system. We make every effort to do this as quickly as possible. As soon as your Bitcoin payment is received, the order status is changed from 'Pending' to 'Delivered', and you will receive an e-mail about this update. We will create a user ID/Password for you, and e-mail you this information, and you can log in to the Member's Area immediately. 

Format: H.264 streaming video, plays directly in Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Google Widevine protected, playable on Windows PC, Mac, and Android
Resolution: 1920x1080, 5-6Mbps (lower bitrate versions also provided for each movie)
Plays: unlimited streaming for duration of membership
DRM protected, license delivered automatically upon first playback

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